Where are you based?

Based in the UK, we operate online from London.

Do you sell human hair?

No, we only sell synthetic hair.  We know how expensive it can be to buy human hair, especially if you're someone who likes to switch up their look often.  Synthetic wigs allow you to 'chop and change' without breaking the bank.

Will you be getting more brands?

As we're closing down there will be no other brands stocked unfortunately.

Should I go for a lace part or a lace frontal?

If you prefer the freedom of being able to part your hair and style in then definitely go for a lace frontal.  These typically have enough room for you to do the above. 

If you're happy to have a fixed style then lace parts are the way to go.

How do I look after a synthetic wig?

We're so lucky to live in an age where amazingly talented people share their knowledge online. There are a number of videos on YouTube that demonstrate how best to take care of your units. 

Question not answered?

Contact us at info@synsationwigs.com